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WS04 Sunday 29 May 2016
Title: Developments and Applications in Near-surface Seismology
Room: Schubert 1
Convenors: Claudio Strobbia (Total)
Charlotte Krawczyk (Real Time Seismic)

Workshop description

*If you are interested in attending the workshop, make sure to register as soon as possible via the following webpage.

The workshop will discuss the specific acquisition geometries and strategies to acquire active and passive seismic data for reflection, refraction and surface wave applications, with single component and multi-component data, as well the possibilities and strategies for multipurpose acquisition.

The synergies between the multiple datasets will be explored; the joint inversion of multiple measurements will be discussed. The workshop focuses on mining, engineering and environmental applications, as well as on the oil and gas exploration, for which the near-surface modeling is discussed as part of the land seismic processing and for shallow hazard identification.

The topics that will be discussed comprise:

  • Recent advances in acquisition technologies for near-surface applications,
  • Use of multicomponent data for shear-wave characterization and imaging,
  • Use of shear waves and converted waves in shallow applications,
  • Challenges in data collection and integration for combined shallow and exploration applications,
  • Evolution of surface wave testing to 2D and 3D,
  • Estimation of anelastic properties,
  • Applications of full-waveform inversion,
  • Role of passive data in mapping near-surface anomalies, and 
  • Impact of the near surface perturbations in passive seismic processing.

Workshop programme

*A downloadable version can be found here

Session Introduction
09:00 Introduction 
C. Strobbia* (Real Time Seismic)
09:15 WS04 A01 The Near-surface Problem in Exploration Seismology
O. Yilmaz (GeoTomo LLC)
09:55 WS04 A02 High Resolution Near-surface Velocity Modeling by Multiphysics Joint Inversion
D. Colombo* (Saudi Aramco), D. Rovetta (Saudi Aramco), G.W. McNeice (Saudi Aramco) & E. Turkoglu (Saudi Aramco)
10:20 WS04 A03 Near-surface Open-data over a Physical Model
J. Boaga* (University of Padova) & C. Strobbia (Real Time Seismic)
10:45 Discussion
11:15 Coffee break


Session Seismic Multicomponent
11:35 WS04 B01 The Effects of the Near-surface on the Creation of out-of-plane Sections Using 2D-3C Data
D. Butler* (Total E&P)
12:00 WS04 B02 A State-of-the-art MEMs-based 3C Seismic Landstreamer for Various Near-surface Applications
A. Malehmir* (Uppsala University), B. Brodic (Uppsala University), M. Dehghannejad (Uppsala University), C. Juhlin (Uppsala University) & E. Lundberg (Uppsala University)
12:25 WS04 B03 9C Seismic Data Acquisition for Near-surface Applications - Recording, Waveform Reciprocity and 4C Rotation
C. Schmelzbach* (ETH Zurich), D. Sollberger (ETH Zurich), S.A. Greenhalgh (ETH Zurich), H. Horstmeyer (ETH Zurich), H. Maurer (ETH Zurich) & J.O.A. Robertsson (ETH Zurich)
12:50 Discussion
13:15 Lunch break


Session New Technologies I
14:00 WS04 C01 Ground Penetrating Radar for Near-surface Imaging
B. Pagliccia* (Total)
14:25 WS04 C02 Unconventional Low-impact Methods to Obtain Near Surface S-wave Velocities
F. Martini* (Tullow Oil Ltd), J.T. Doherty (Tullow Oil Ltd), R. Davi (Tullow Oil Ltd), B. Cullen (previously at Tullow Oil) & J. Mongan (Tullow Oil Ltd)
14:50 WS04 C03 New Marine Seismic Survey Techniques for Ocean Floor Resource Exploration
E. Asakawa* (JGI, Inc.), F. Murakami (JGI, Inc.), H. Tsukahara (JGI, Inc.), S. Saito (JGI, Inc.) & K. Tara (The University of Tokyo)
15:15 Discussion
15:40 Coffee break


Session New Technologies II
16:00 WS04 D01 A Multi-scale Approach to Acoustic Full Waveform Inversion in 2D
A. Akhriev* (IBM Research Ireland), S. Moore (IBM Research Australia) & S. Zhuk (IBM Research Ireland)
16:25 Discussion
17:15 Wrap up and Closing
17:30  End