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WS05 Sunday 29 May 2016
Title: Reservoir Monitoring with Distributed Fibre-optic Sensing (DxS)
Room: Schubert 4

Tim Whittle (BG)
Heikki Jutila (BHI)
Martin Karrenbach (Optasense)
Albena Mateeva (Shell)
Flavio Poletto (OGS Trieste)
Juan Soldo (YPF)
Sebastien Soulas (BP)

Workshop description

*If you are interested in attending the workshop, make sure to register as soon as possible via the following webpage.

In-well measurements of pressures and temperatures at discrete locations have been long used in the monitoring of reservoir and well performance. Recent advances in technologies have given us efficient and cost-effective tools to measure the pressure, temperature, strain, seismic and flow along the entire wellbore for detailed analysis of dynamic reservoir behaviour. New methods using fibre optics have gained significant foothold but aren’t yet mainstream. The multitude of high-resolution measurements that can be non-intrusively acquired in a borehole using fibre optics allows for better understanding of the dynamic reservoir behaviour. Combining the detailed near-field measurements in a well with far-field sensing methods such as 4D seismic and even 4D electromagnetic methods, we can gain understanding of the reservoir behaviour away from the borehole and on a larger spatial scale. The further we can ‘see’ into the reservoir the better we can proactively manage the production to maximise hydrocarbon recovery and minimise risk, waste, and cost. 

Special focus will be in the use of distributed fibre-optic sensing (DxS), which include: Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS), Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS), Distributed Pressure Sensing (DPS), Distributed Strain Sensing (DSS), and new types of distributed measurements. Distributed fibre sensing technology is a relatively recent but rapidly advancing technology that has seen accelerated use over the last several years in a variety of applications. In contrast to traditional point sensors, the fibre itself is used as a sensor. No electronics have to be placed into boreholes or other zones with high temperature or high pressure, enabling reliable long-term and time-lapse data acquisition in targets formerly inaccessible or impractical. Various temporary and permanent deployment schemes allow flow, temperature, seismic wave fields and other measurements to be recorded efficiently, opening up new avenues in reservoir characterization, production or stimulation monitoring. 

We will highlight the latest advances of fibre technology, as well as encourage discussion on challenges related to sensing hardware, deployment, processing, integration and analysis. This workshop, through presentations, e-posters and participant interactions, attempts to capture the spectrum of fibre use and applications, give a snapshot of the state of the technology, and provide a view of the road ahead. 

We encourage operators, service providers, researchers and users to share their experiences, successes and challenges when utilizing fibre sensing for a particular reservoir objective. Consumers of sensing information are encouraged to share their views or case studies on perceived or actual value of information or return on investment. 

Workshop Programme

*A downloadable version can be found here

Session Demonstrating Value
09:00 Introduction
09:10 WS05 A01 Low-Cost On-Demand Reservoir Monitoring with DAS Seismic – How Do we Get there?
A. Mateeva (Shell Global Solutions International BV), J.L. Lopez (Shell International Exploration and Production Inc), K. Hornman (Shell Global Solutions International BV), H. Potters (Shell Global Solutions International BV) & D. Chalenski* (Shell International Exploration and Production Inc)
09:35 WS05 A02 Offshore Norway Valhall DAS Field Trial - Dual-well 3D VSP Made Possible by Distributed Acoustic Sensing Technology
I. Thomas (BP), S. Soulas* (BP), E. Kjos (BP), G. Zhan (BP), T. Jiang (BP) & T. Hance (BP)
10:00 WS05 A03 VSP Monitoring for CO2 Migration Tracking in Fractured Rock Massifs
M. Humphries* (VSProwess Ltd), J.A. Marin Vidal (CIUDEN) & J.C. de Dios (CIUDEN)
10:25 WS05 A04 Production Logging - A Fiber Optics Way
E. Lee (Baker Hughes Inc), L. Yang (Baker Hughes Inc), C. Mascagnini (Baker Hughes RDS), A. Kshirsagar (Baker Hughes RDS), K. Gohari * (Baker Hughes RDS), H. Jutila (Baker Hughes RDS), A. Chattopadhyay (Baker Hughes RDS) & A. Gryaznov (Baker Hughes RDS)
10:25 Discussion/Voting


Session Improving our Ways
11:35 WS05 B01 Depth Calibration of DAS Data
R. Tøndel* (Statoil ASA), K.N. Madsen (Statoil ASA), D. Finfer (Silixa Ltd) & A. Clarke (Silixa Ltd)
12:00 WS05 B02 Improving the Quality of Fibre-optic Distributed Vibration Sensing Data
T. Dean (Schlumberger), T. Cuny* (Schlumberger), A. Hartog (Schlumberger), G. Lees (Schlumberger) & B. Underhill (Schlumberger)
12:25 WS05 B03 Distributed Strain and Deformation Monitoring System
A. Balagopal (Baker Hughes Inc.), B. Childers (Baker Hughes Inc.), R. Duncan (Baker Hughes Inc.), C. Fazio (Baker Hughes Inc.), C. Lambert (Baker Hughes Inc.), M. Raum* (Baker Hughes Inc.), J. Sheridan (Baker Hughes Inc.) & P. Wysocki (Baker Hughes Inc.)
12:50 Discussion/Voting
13:15 Lunch


Session Better Understanding our Data
14:00 WS05 C01 A Numerical Study of Cable Coupling of DAS Measurements
S. Schilke* (MINES ParisTech PSL Research University), D. Donno (MINES ParisTech PSL Research University), H. Chauris (MINES ParisTech PSL Research University), A. Hartog (Schlumberger), A. Farahani (Schlumberger) & Y. Pico (Schlumberger)
14:25 WS05 C02 Understanding the Value of What We Measure
A. Kshirsagar (Baker Hughes RDS), A. Chattopadhyay (Baker Hughes RDS), C. Mascagnini (Baker Hughes RDS), K. Gohari* (Baker Hughes RDS), H. Jutila (Baker Hughes RDS) & A. Gryaznov (Baker Hughes RDS)
14:50 WS05 C03 Detection of Seismic and Microseismic Using Distributed Acoustic Sensor (DAS)
T. Parker* (Silixa Ltd)
15:15 Discussion/Voting
15:40 Coffee break


Session Novel Applications of Existing Systems
16:00 WS05 D01 Dual Waves by DAS Technology - A Review of Concept and Applications
F. Poletto* (OGS), D. Finfer (Silixa Ltd), P. Corubolo (OGS) & B. Farina (OGS)
16:25 WS05 D02 Dirt Cheap Surveys - Near Surface Monitoring with Ambient Seismic Noise Collected by DAS
Dirt Cheap Surveys
AE.R. Martin* (Stanford University), J.B. Ajo-Franklin (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab), B. Biondi (Stanford University), K. Bjella (Cold Regions Research & Engineering Laboratory), T.M. Daley (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab), S. Dou (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab), B. Freifeld (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab), N. Lindsey (University of California, Berkeley), M. Robertson (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab), C. Ulrich (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab) & A. Wagner (Cold Regions Research & Engineering Laboratory)
16:50 Discussion/Voting
17:15 Wrap up and Closing
17:30 End