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WS18 Friday 03 June 2016
Title: Sources, Receivers and Robots - Smart High-density Data Acquisition and Automation
Room: Schubert 5
Convenors: Xander Campman (Shell)
Constantinos Tsingas (Saudi Aramco)
Peter Vermeer
Gerrit Blacquière (TU Delft)

Workshop description

It is by now established that the future of seismic data acquisition clearly dictates a significant increase in spatial sampling for both receiver and shot domains in order to acquire high density, high resolution data. Currently, a large acquisition seismic crew, can record over 60K live channels which correspond to a roughly 5Tb of data per day, which in turn is equivalent to 100 days of recording using a high-definition camcorder. There is a trend towards the deployment of several 100 thousands of channels to increase the overall efficiency of seismic acquisition. The increase in the number of channel should see a proportional increase in the source productivity, easily doubling the number of vibrators on a crew.
At sea we see a similar drive for efficiency in streamer and nodal acquisition with a significant increase in data quality. This can only be accomplished with fundamentally new sampling and acquisition strategies and configurations.

This workshop will discuss novel strategies for sampling sources and receivers to accomplish the goal of efficient and high-quality acquired data as well as the possibilities of employing customized robotic solutions for seismic equipment deployment, retrieval, data harvesting, automated or autonomous sources and more.

Possible topics

  • Source and receiver sampling
  • Simultaneous sources
  • Sparse sensing 
  • Dispersed source arrays
  • Automated solutions for QC, Deployment, Retrieval and Data Harvesting
  • Wireless acquisition

*If you are interested in attending the workshop, make sure to register as soon as possible via the following webpage.


Workshop Programme

*A downloadable version can be found here 

Session Smart Sampling and High-productivity                   
09:00 Introduction to the Workshop
09:20 WS18 A01 Sensors, Sources and Sampling
X. Campman* (Shell) 

WS18 D03 Novel Strategy for Operating Marine Seismic Receivers to Economically Acquire High-density High-quality Data

T. Brizard* (CGG)

10:10 Discussion Session, Debate, Voting
10:45 Coffee Break


Session High-density Acquisition
11:10 WS18 B01 Fibre Optics is the Answer - What Was the Question?
T. Dean (Schlumberger), T. Brice (WesternGeco), K. O'Connell (WesternGeco) , G. Lees(Schlumberger) & P. Dickenson* (Schlumberger)
11:35 WS18 B02 Achieving High System Availability in Wireless Seismic Networks through Network Automation 
M.K. Lambert (Wireless Seismic, Inc.) & A.K. Elder *(Wireless Seismic, Inc.)
12:00 WS18 B03 Decentralized Seismic Acquisition with Dispersed Source Arrays
M. Caporal* (Delft University of Technology) & G. Blacquière (Delft University of Technology)
12:25 Discussion Session, Debate, Voting
12:50 Lunch


Session Autonomous Surface Receivers
13:50 WS18 C01 3D Sensor Arrays Towed by Wave Gliders - A New Platform for Distributed Marine Seismic Acquisition
N. Moldoveanu* (Schlumberger), S. Baker (Schlumberger), E. Yandon (Schlumberger), M. Shabana (Schlumberger) & S. Pai (Schlumberger)
14:15 WS18 C02 Processing Aspects of Data Acquired with Wave Gliders Towing a 3D Sensor Arrays
P. Caprioli* (WesternGeco)
14:40 WS18 C03 Survey Design for Moving Marine Seismic Nodes
E. Muyzert* (Schlumberger), B. Kjellesvig (WesternGeco), S. Pai (Liquid Robotics Oil and Gas) & N. Moldoveanu (WesternGeco)
15:05 Coffee Break


Session Autonomous Seabed Receivers
15:25 WS18 D01 Efficiency of Seabed Receiver Surveys
T.J. Bunting* (Seabed Geosolutions)
15:50 WS18 D02 Using Robotic Flying Nodes for Seabed Seismic Data
A. Holloway* (Autonomous Robotics Ltd) & D. Grant (Autonomous Robotics Ltd)
16:15 Wrap Up and Closing
16:30 End