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Call for Extended Abstracts (Closed)


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FAQ (Frequent Asked Questions) - Technical Programme

What are the requirements for the extended abstracts?
Please find the extended abstracts requirements for the Technical Programme on this page (Template Instructions).  

Where can I find the LaTeX-template?
Please download the LaTeX-template for the Technical Programme via this link [zip file, 216 kb].

Can the deadline for the Call for Abstracts be extended?
The deadline for the Call for Abstracts cannot be extended. In case you are awaiting approval to publish your extended abstract, you may submit it in time and, if necessary, withdraw it later. This will ensure that your paper will be included in the reviewing process, provided that it is in line with the Template Instructions.

Where can I find my submission?
If you submitted through your account (C-number or M-number), your submission is available through your personal account. You can then find your submission when you login using your personal credentials (C-number/M-number).
If you have not submitted through an EAGE account, your submission will be available through your temporary account (T-number). To login, kindly use the credentials you received via email after you submitted your extended abstract.

Once logged in, your submission can be found under ‘My EAGE’ (top right corner), then ‘My Services’ and ‘Submissions’.

I cannot login to my personal account. What can I do?
If you are unable to login to your personal account, please follow the steps as described on this page. If that fails as well, kindly send an email to our Membership Department ( to request assistance with logging in to your account.

What are the requirements for the PACE travel grants?
General information about Pace Travel Grant is available via this website. If you wish to apply for a PACE Travel Grant, please follow this link.

The pop-up window stating ‘File upload in progress’ doesn’t disappear. What should I do?
If your upload was successful, your main webpage will move on to the final step (step 6) in the online submission process.

Can I revise my submission or upload a revised paper?
Papers can be revised until they are assigned to reviewers. To revise your submission, please login to your account, go to ‘My EAGE’ (top right corner), then ‘My Services’ and ‘Submissions’. Selecting your submission allows you to edit it and upload a revision of your paper.


Please note that only papers that meet the requirements (see Template Instructions) will be included in the reviewing process. Extended abstracts that do not meet these requirements, will be rejected.


Kindly follow this link to download the FAQ for the Call for Abstracts.