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Company Name Title Press Release  Date of Publishing
Katalyst Data Management Katalyst Enhances the iGlass Solution with ProjectDataStor for Interpretation Data 13 April 2016
Int, inc. INT Releases HTML5Viewer™ v2.1 22 April 2016
Int, inc INT Releases GeoToolkit.NET 3.7 22 April 2016
Ikon Science Ikon Science Creates New RokDoc® Software Technology 11 May 2016
Katalyst Data Management Katalyst opened new iGlass Center for Asia Pacific 18 May 2016
Acceleware Acceleware Announces the Release of High Efficiency AxRTM Angle Gathers 21 May 2016
Estimages & dGB Earth Sciences M-GS Destriping plugin for OpendTect – Just Released! 24 May 2016
Acceleware Acceleware Announces the Release of Cloud-Enabled Seismic Imaging Software 25 May 2016
Silixa Silixa announces the Carina™ Sensing System 27 May 2016
Octio Gravitude Shell Ormen Lange frame agreement 31 May 2016


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