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EAGE aims to facilitate access to the 78th EAGE Conference & Exhibition and on our Association by providing accreditation to journalists. Accreditation is granted only for the purpose of enabling journalistic coverage.

The accreditation process
Members of the press can start the accreditation process by sending an e-mail to
This e-mail should contain the following information:

  • Name and Surname;
  • Nationality;
  • Date of birth + place of birth;
  • A picture of your press pass OR one of the items mentioned under number 3 of the next paragraph (see below);
  • A copy of your passport.

The Marcom department will determine whether the person qualifies for press access. 

Persons qualified for press access
The following persons may receive press accreditation:

1. Holders of a valid press pass from a non-industry affiliated press association.
2. Holders of a valid press pass from a specialist journalists’ association covering topics of the Conference & Exhibition in question.
3. Persons who can demonstrate their journalistic activities as follows:

  • By presenting the original copy of articles bearing the author’s name and which were published no earlier than 6 months prior to the event in question.
  • By presenting a written, original copy of an editorial job assignment for the event in question.
  • By submitting proof, not more than 6 months old, that a person works for student publications, or by submitting a valid press pass from a youth press organization.