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Field demonstrations

Near Surface Geoscience 2016 gives exhibiting companies and institutes the opportunity to demonstrate its products and services to a focused audience through the field demonstration programme.

NEW! We are happy to announce that this year we offer the opportunity to use and/or create a borehole during the field demonstrations.

The field demonstrations will be held on Tuesday 6 September from 15.20 – 17.00hrs on walking distance from the venue.  No other event activities will take place concurrently. All registered delegates of Near Surface Geoscience 2016 are invited to the field demonstrations, where drinks will be provided. 

Do you wish to participate in the field demonstration programme, please return a completed field demonstration contract to exhibition@eage.org.

Field demonstration will be held by:

Advanced Geosciences Europe

The SuperSting™ Geo-electrical Imaging survey with new mobility of Android™ App & Wi-Fi. During the exhibition we will be demonstrating the latest SuperSting™ equipment of Advanced Geosciences Inc´s instrument. You no longer need to monitor imaging surveys from the instrument in the field. Using Android™ mobile tablets or phones, you can check the electrodes for contact resistance and at the same time control the SuperSting™ while reviewing data in real time in both numerical and color plots. The data will be processed and modeled with our EarthImager forward/invers time domain Resistivity & IP Imaging modeling software.

Website: www.agiusa.com



Light, flexible and fast: Seismic Data acquisition with SUMMIT X ONE recorders. 
Ultra small one-channel remote units linking to a lightweight SUMMIT line cable at any position via the new optimized SUMMIT SNAP-ON technology result in the world’s most flexible wired seismic acquisition system. Reliable and fast data transfer offers immediate and full quality control of acquired seismic data. The option of continuous data streaming also enables passive seismic applications such as monitoring of reservoir stimulation measures. All in all, the SUMMIT X One combines the flexibility in field deployment of a wireless system with all the benefits of reliable online data access from a cabled system.

Website: www.dmt.de

GF Instruments’ field demonstration will compare advantages of resistivity tomography (ARES II) and multi-depth electromagnetic conductivity measurements (CMD-Mini Explorer) for shallow surveys.

Website: www.gfinstruments.cz


Sensors & Software

Sensors & Software delivers subsurface imaging solutions to customers worldwide. Understanding what lies beneath the surface of materials like soil, rock, rubble, pavement, concrete, water, ice and snow opens endless possibilities. The combination of our diverse expertise, years of experience, world-leading products and responsive services enables delivery of practical and effective solutions that meet the needs of our customers, and empowers informed decision making.

Website: www.sensoft.ca