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  • New e-lecture on Seismic 4D Inversion

    Our new e-lectures bring key aspects of developments in Geosciences disciplines to your attention. The videos are presented by experienced and acknowledged industry professionals and academics. In this e-lecture, Milana Ayzenberg gives a presentation on Seismic 4D Inversion. Keep yourself up to date by clicking on the subscribe button under the YouTube video.

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    Amsterdam '14 Fieldtrips: Sign Up Now!

    Join one of our field trips during Amsterdam '14 (14-15 and 20 June 2014) where participants will visit several interesting environments, offering a practical experience to exploration and production geoscientists and geothermal experts alike. Besides, EAGE also offers a technical excursion that focusses on the geological history of Amsterdam. Pleas notice places are limited.


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    Submit an article for EAGE's new journal

    In spring 2014, EAGE will introduce a new journal! The journal focuses on Latin America, as the title reveals: Geociencias Aplicadas Latinoamericanas. Authors from all Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking countries are encouraged to submit an article. For more info about the journal, click here.

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