Vienna 2016

30 May - 2 June
Vienna, Austria
Call for papers
Welcome to the 78th EAGE Conference & Exhibition Vienna 2016, the largest and most comprehensive multidisciplinary geoscience event in the world. We bring you this year an extensive programme, aiming to provide you a broader spectrum of knowledge in Geophysics, Geology, Reservoir / Petroleum Engineering and Near Surface, among other relevant fields of study. We also want to address the recent developments in the oil and gas sector, and the impact of the industry challenges in your career.

We offer you a six day event with a conference and exhibition, workshops, short courses, field trips and a complete student programme. SPE EUROPEC is also included in the technical programme.

Our conference includes important topics for our community, such as full waveform inversion and broad band data, seismic imaging and AVO-AVA. You can also expand your knowledge in electromagnetic methods, exploration, seismic reservoir characterization and fracture reservoir, among other relevant subjects.

The opening session of our technical programme aims to debate important topics for our industry, such as cost pressure, difficult reservoirs, hiring freeze, aging production, skewed age distribution, ultra-deep water exploration, and the impact of these developments on young professionals.

Workshops are planned to discuss Broadband Seismic Data, Near-surface Seismology, Waves, Reservoir Monitoring and a lot more. Additionally, the short courses will provide you the most up to date knowledge on Rock Physics and Computational Geophysics, Shale Gas Development, 3C Seismic and VSP, plus other relevant topics with relevant information for your profession.

Exciting field trips will again be part of our programme. We will explore the Hydrocarbon System and Salt Tectonics in the Carpathian Bend Zone, Romania. The Eastern Alpine Geology Transect trip will demonstrate a geological transect through the Eastern Alps, including outcrops of the Rhenodanubian Flysch Zone, the Northern Calcareous Alps, and Neogene basins.

On the Fractured Carbonate Reservoirs in the Northern Calcareous Alps we will address the characterization of the physical structures, which contributes to the properties of fractured carbonate reservoir rocks. The field trip to the Korneuburg Basin and Vienna Basin will provide you an excellent view over the Waschberg-Zdánice Unit, the Korneuburg Basin and the margins of both the Northern Vienna Basin and the North Alpine Foreland Basin.

The SPE Europec event within our conference aims to create extensive, multi-disciplinary discussions on the main challenges currently facing E&P organizations. As we know, the technology components (software, hardware, drilling, reservoir characterization tools, completions design, well/design architecture, EOR/IOR technique, etc…) are playing an increasingly critical role to support investment decision process and optimize/rationalize supply chain process.

Our exhibition comprises more than 300 international leading companies and organizations. You will have the opportunity to discover the most advanced technologies and new product launches in the industry, while also getting to know the people behind the products.

Furthermore, special interest areas will be available for your convenience, as our Consultancy area, the International Prospect Centre with its own theatre, the Learning Geoscience and the University Area.

May/June is the best time to visit Vienna. Enjoy the conference and attend one of the exciting field trips offered during the event. You can explore the surroundings of Vienna, which provide you spectacular insights to the architecture of the Alpine fold belt and the prolific Vienna Basin.

We want to provide with the best tools and knowledge with our extensive programme and exhibition this year, including more than 1000 presentations in Geo-science. See you in Vienna!