Vienna 2016

30 May - 2 June
Vienna, Austria
Call for papers
Dedicated Sessions

Integrated Data for Geological & Reservoir Models

Convenors R. Villegas (University of Manchester)
M. Paydayesh (Schlumberger-Geosolutions)

This special session aims at collecting a number of case studies showing how integration of any time dependent data (including 4D seismic) has had an impact on the definition of the geological model.

Integration of different disciplines is the key for better definition of the geological model and improvement of the reservoir model. In the past the geological model has been the result of integrating geological information (mostly observation at well + geological interpretation) and geophysical data (interpretation of horizons for the structure and seismic inversion results for the infill) using various geostatistical techniques (two-point geostatistics in the past and nowadays multi-point geostatistics). This model was then delivered to reservoir engineers who modified it during the history matching process according to dynamic data, often without cross validation of the geological and geophysical information.....Read More.

Towards Exascale Geophysical Applications

Convenors M. Hanzich (Barcelona Supercomputing Center)
A. St-Cyr (Shell)
G. Roth (Nvidia)
P. Thierry (Intel)

The aim of this session will be to review the current and future state of HPC solutions for many different geophysical problems such as modeling, migration or inversion and others. This includes all steps needed to process exploration data including data preprocessing, the mining and visualization of results. Of course, these solutions need to be aware of the characteristics of modern, maybe heterogeneous, hardware architectures and of the latest advances in algorithmic, programming models, languages and evaluation tools and methodologies..... Read More.