Vienna 2016

30 May - 2 June
Vienna, Austria
Call for papers

Technology Quo Vadis - The Young Generation in the Oil and Gas Business

Monday 30 May 2016, 16.00 - 17.30 hrs.

Cost pressure, difficult reservoirs, hiring freeze, aging production, skewed age distribution, ultra deep water exploration, etc. These themes seem only loosely related. But they have two things in common: people and technology. Especially young people ask if they have a future in the oil and gas business. Generation “What’s Up” meets extremely sophisticated technologies (4D, virtual fields, etc). Many of these technologies cross over from exploration to development and production. This is a superb opportunity for young professionals to be part of teams along the value chain rather than spend their professional lives in silos.

How can the oil & gas industry make sure it attracts the right talent? How can it make sure technologies are applied consistently and to the needs of the oil & gas industry? Which role plays the service industry when it comes to hiring young people?

Should the oil and gas industry not employ more experts from other industries? Can we offer the youngsters enough challenging work and careers in our industry? These and many more questions will be discussed during the conference and will shed light on this complex and important topic.

We invite you to take active part in the discussions during the conference and to help develop creative solutions.

Debate panel:

Johannes Benigni (Moderator)  JBC Energy 
Christopher Veit  OMV Upstream 
Wilfried Eichlseder  Montanuniversitaet Leoben 
Jon Erik Reinhardsen  PGS 
Linda Lerchbaumer  OMV Upstream 
Tristan Aspray  ExxonMobil 
Amal Alawami  OPEC