79th EAGE Conference & Exhibition 2017

Energy, Technology, Sustainability - Time to open a new Chapter

12 - 15 June
Paris, France
Call for papers

Executive Programme

Opening session

Monday 12 June 2017 16:00 - 16:30 hrs   Ceremony Room A2

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Chris Ward
President EAGE Baker Hughes
Janeen Judah
President SPE
Kevin McLachlan
Chairman LAC Paris, SVP Exploration Total

Debate on 'Impact on Energy Mix following COP21'

Monday 12 June 2017 16:30 - 17:30 hrs 



Gerard Moutet
Oil and Gas Climate initiative
Debate Members:

Valérie Quiniou-Ramus
VP - Climate Strategy - Innovation, Total
Chris Ward
President EAGE Baker Hughes
Lazslo Varro
Chief Economist

Topic: Impact on Energy mix following COP21

With the climate agreement at COP21 and the IEA's 2ºscenario, along with the current O&G economic context, there is a call to the energy industry to start focusing efforts towards less carbon-intensive energy, and to find more efficient and cost effictive technologies to make energy reliable, affordable and clean. Still the main energy provider, the O&G industry must also adapt and reshape business models for the future. At the same time we must remain 'profitable' and 'sustainable' in all we undertake, that is to say finding solutions that all stakeholders can buy into, without collateral damage. And, our whole industry will have to find collectively a new 'right balance'to reconcile the various interests and constraints, since 'none of us knows waht we all know together' (Euripides, 5th century BC).

Awards Ceremony

Monday 12 June 2017 17:30 - 18:00 hrs


Chris Ward
President EAGE Baker Hughes
Jean-Jacques Biteau
President EAGE 2017-2018

EAGE Forum on 'New Collaboration Models within the Exploration Domain'

Tuesday 13 June 2017 08:30 - 12:10 hrs Room A2

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Kevin McLachlan
Chairman LAC Paris, SVP Exploration Total
Forum Members:

Luca Bertelli
Chief Exploration Officer, Eni
Ashok Belani
CTO, Schlumberger
Jean-Georges Malcor
Howard Leach
Head of Exploration, BP
Erik Oswald
Exploration VP Americas, ExxonMobil

In the overall context of the title of the conference 'Energy, Technology, Sustainability - Time to open a new Chapter' the Forum will debate on new collaboration models within exploration. The discussion will focus on key outcomes covering safety, performance improvement including cost reduction and performance to reach reliable energy for the long run that could be new way of working, impact of new technologies and promotion of the pioneer spirit.

Senior Executive Managers lunch (by invitation only)

Tuesday 13 June 2017 12:00 - 13:30 hrs


Executive Session on 'Sharing Knowledge in Exploration'

Wednesday 14 June 2017 08:30 - 12:10 hrs Room A2

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Kristin Wood
VP Exploration Excellence, Shell
Jean-Christophe Navarre
VP Exploration Excellence, Total

Gary Ingram
Vice President Technology & Strategy, OMV
Joseba Murillas
Executive Director Global Exploration, Repsol
Tim Dodson
Executive Vice President Global Exploration, Statoil
Rémi Eschard
Head of Petroleum Basin Evaluation, Total
Dirk Smit
VP Exploration Tech & Chief Scientist Geophysics, Shell

How to share, when to share, what to share: in our company, between companies, with contractors and with academics and association. What are others doing? The session will cover how the industry is working to share knowledge in exploration: the current challenges and possible improvements. Includes technological/innovative approaches, human resources aspects (skills, competencies, motivations and organization) and what we can learn from other industries and areas of research.


Executive Session on 'Opening a New Chapter in the North Sea, what does that mean'

Thursday 15 June 2017 08:30 - 12:10 hrs Room A2

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Nick Richardson
Exploration & New Ventures Manager, UK Oil & Gas Authority

Troels Albrechtsen
Vice President Technology & Projects, Maersk
Dave Lynch
VP Reservoir Development North Sea, BP
Max Brouwer
Vice President Exploration Europe, Russia & CIS, Shell
Nico Walle
OFS Sales and Commercial Manager, Schlumberger
Isabelle Billat
Vice President Exploration EAC, Total
Gro Gunleiksrud Haatvedt
SVP Exploration, Aker BP
The current oil price environment and the maturity of the North Sea present challenges to its future but also opportunities.  The Forum will debate what is needed for the next chapter of the basin to be successful.  The discussion will address key topics including safety, exploration, operational efficiency, collaboration, technology, commercial solutions, infrastructure and decommissioning.  What action is required by all the players in the basin to maximise the value of the economically recoverable hydrocarbons in the North Sea.