79th EAGE Conference & Exhibition 2017

Energy, Technology, Sustainability - Time to open a new Chapter

12 - 15 June
Paris, France
Call for papers


Paris 2017 Sponsoring

With an array of unique promotional opportunities, we can help you design the perfect programme to enhance your company’s exposure and reach your objectives at Paris 2017. The sponsor programme exposes attendees and business to your company, and promotes your presence within the industry. You receive great exposure in a high quality and uncluttered environment that makes your message stand out.

EAGE is synonymous with quality, and has a proven track record. The sponsor programme offers a diverse menu that is sure to help your company reach your target audience.

Sponsoring Paris 2017 will enable you to:

  • Increase your visibility to an international dedicated audience
  • Enhance your corporate image, and strengthen your brand
  • Reach an influential, exclusive audience
  • Break through the media clutter
  • Associate your company with EAGE, the world’s only multi-disciplinary geoscience society
  • Earn Priority Points for booth allocation
  • Get your message across to stakeholders on all levels

Scroll down for a list of sponsoring opportunities or contact us at sponsoring@eage.org.


Paris 2017 Main Sponsor

Paris 2017 Sponsors

Directional Signage & Student Programme
Delegate Bags
Delegate Bags
Delegate Bags
SEM Lunch
Technical Programme
Technical Programme
Wi-FI & Plan of the Venue
Public Transport Card & Breakfast & Afternoon Drinks
Public Transport Card
Workshops & Plan of the Venue
Student Programme
Student Programme
Networking Package-Students
International Prospect Centre
International Prospect Centre
International Prospect Centre Supporter
Afternoon Drinks
Breakfast and Afternoon Drinks
Afternoon Drinks

Sponsoring opportunities

Main sponsor (max. 6 sponsors)

Being a main sponsor will give you maximum exposure before, during and after the event:

• Company logo on all pages of the Paris 2017 website
• Link from the Paris 2017 website to your company’s website
• Company logo on the following printed material:
(Depending on the date of settlement)
- Exhibition & Sponsor Guide
- First Announcement and Call for Abstracts
- Second Announcement
- Preview
- Programme & Catalogue
- Plan of venue
- EAGE advertisements related to the event in several industry related magazines throughout the entire year (±25) • Company logo in Paris 2017 mobile application
• Company logo at the venue
• Company logo on the presentation slide at the opening session
• Promokit: easy to use communication tools for your promotion
• Earn 45 Priority Points for the Point Priority Booth Allocation System
• Logo in EAGE’s January issue of First Break
• Logo in EAGE’s Annual Report

Investment: € 45,000 (excl. VAT)


Directional signage (Exclusive)

Company logo on all directional signage at the event 
Exposure:  All event areas  
Investment: € 28,500 (excl. VAT)            


Registration plus badges (Exclusive)

Company logo at registration and badges plus an insert (max. 2 pages) in the delegate bags 
Exposure:   All event areas 
Investment: € 28,000 (excl. VAT)             


Delegate bags (max. 4 sponsors)

Company logo on the delegate bag plus an insert (max. 2 pages) in the delegate bags 
Exposure:  All event areas  
Investment: € 22,000 (excl. VAT)  


Lanyards (Exclusive)

Company logo on the lanyard (used for registration badge) 
Exposure:  All event areas  
Investment: € 21,000 (excl. VAT)           


International Prospect Centre

Logo on display at the IPC area and possibility to invite partner countries (in consultation with EAGE) 
Exposure:  Exhibition area  
Investment: € 5,000 (excl. VAT) 


Senior Executive Managers Lunch (max. 2 sponsors)

Connect your company to high-level senior management at this 'invitation only' meeting place during Paris 2017.
Sponsors are offered one table (6-10 persons) for a perfect high-level networking opportunity with decision makers. 
Exposure:  Logo on invitation & menu card and in presentation during the lunch  
Investment: € 15,000 (excl. VAT)                     


Coffee points (max. 2 sponsors)

Company logo on display at the coffee points 
Exposure:  Coffee Plazas (Exhibition), Coffee points (Conference & Workshop area  
Investment: €14,000 (excl. VAT) - Upgrade possibility: company logo on the coffee cups


Public transport card (max. 2 sponsors)

Relate your company to this green initiative and support the use of public transportation 
Exposure:  Logo on the public transport card or the accompanying card holder and footsteps  
Investment: € 9,500 (excl. VAT)                                 


Wireless Internet (Exclusive)

Exposure to all Wi-Fi users 
Exposure:  All event areas  
Investment: € 8,500 (excl. VAT)  


Internet Lounge (max. 2 sponsors)

Company logo on display on the Internet Lounge
Exposure: Exhibition area
Investment: € 8,500 (excl. VAT)


Conference Evening (max. 5 sponsors)

Associate your company with an informal and festive evening, full of reuniting with acquaintances and meeting new ones, while enjoying delicious tapas, drinks and first- class entertainment. Combine this with a spectacular venue, and a night to remember is created! 
Exposure:  Logo at the conference evening venue and printed on the conference evening invitiation and programme  
Investment: € 7,500 (excl. VAT)  


Icebreaker reception
(max. 4 sponsors)

Reach delegates right at the opening of the exhibition; an excellent start to the show! 
Exposure:  Exhibition area; logo at the catering areas during the icebreaker reception  
Investment: € 5,500 (excl. VAT) 


Plan of the Venue (max. 4 sponsors)

Company logo on the printed Plan of the Venue and company image inside the Plan of the Venue 
Exposure:  All event areas  
Investment: € 6,000 (excl. VAT) 


Workshop package, ± 15 (max. 2 sponsors)

Benefits:   Company logo in the lecture rooms and on the extended abstracts, workshop proceedings and exhibitors' profiles USB 
Exposure:   Workshop area 
€ 7,500 (excl. VAT) 
Also possible to sponsor per workshop!
Per workshop: € 1,500 (excl. VAT)


Technical Programme (max. 2 sponsors)

Reach delegates who are seriously interested in technical content 
Exposure:   Conference area; logo in lecture rooms & E-poster area 
Investment: € 17,500 (excl. VAT)                          


Afternoon Drinks (13 - 14 June 2017)

Company logo on display during afternoon drinks 
Exposure:  Exhibition Area  
Exhibitor € 2,000 (excl. VAT)
Non-exhibitor € 4,000 (excl. VAT) 


Breakfast (13 - 15 June 2017)

Company logo on display during breakfast 
Exposure:  Exhibition Area  
Investment: Exhibitor € 2,000 (excl. VAT)
Non-exhibitor € 4,000 (excl. VAT)   



Get involved in the Student Programme

Student Programme


  • Company logo on the Paris 2017 website
  • Company logo on the Paris 2017 student programme website
  • Company logo on the following printed material for Paris 2017 
    (depending on the date of settlement):
    - First announcement and Call for Abstracts
    - Second announcement
    - Programme and Catalogue
    - Student Programme
  • Company representation in all areas specific to the student programme
  • Direct interaction with student participants through involvement in the
    student programme
  • Company logo in direct mails to all registered student delegates
    (depending on date of settlement)
  • Each main sponsor will be scheduled in the Paris 2017 Student Programme
    with a company presentation of 30 minutes
  • Insert item in the Goodie bag

Direct interaction and input with the student
delegates include a.o.: 

  • Student Court activities
  • Student Technical Programme
  • Workshop
  • Short Course
  • GeoQuiz
  • Networking Café
  • Trial Interviews
  • Exhibition tour
  • Student Challenge
  • Student Evening



Investment: € 14,500 (excl. VAT)  


Or choose on of the dedicated packages

Recruitment Package
• Networking Café
• Trial Interviews 
Investment: € 3,500 (excl. VAT) 

Exhibition Package
• Exhibition tour
• Student Challenge
Investment: € 2,000 (excl. VAT) 

Student Evening
(includes two Student Evening VIP tickets)
Investment: € 6,000 (excl. VAT)

EAGE Global Geo-Quiz
(prizes for winners)
Investment: €3,000 (excl. VAT)

Field trip 
Investment: €2,000 (excl. VAT)
Student Technical Programme  
Investment: €3,000 (excl. VAT)


More information? Please contact us!

Paris 2017 offers a wide variety of sponsoring opportunities, for every available budget. We realize that each company has different requirements and objectives regarding sponsorship. If you are looking for a tailor-made sponsorship package that best meets your company’s objectives, please do not hesitate to contact us at sponsoring@eage.org. Commit yourself for a longer period to EAGE and benefit from a longterm multi-annual sponsorship. Please contact us for any sponsorship suggestions you may have.