EAGE/SPE Workshop on Shale Science 2017

10 - 11 April
Moscow, Russia
Call for papers

Workshop overview

Nowadays scientific and technological progress provides a great opportunity for commercially efficient development of unconventional hydrocarbon reserves including shale oil.

According to expert estimates, Russia has great and unique potential for shale oil production. Specific genesis and structure of such deposits requires comprehensive analysis and synthesis based on various geological and geophysical information obtained.

Efficient and consistent geological-geophysical models should be based on reciprocal integration of different-scale studies — from micro level of rock structure to seismic and basin investigation.

Workshop goal

  • Discuss the topical questions and recent achievements for the seminar issue
  • Exchange experience by experts in a broad range of geological-geophysical areas and creating of basics for close collaboration
  • Outline the priority directions in the study and developing of unconventional hydrocarbon reserves


  1. Regional geology and basin modeling
  2. Prospecting technologies 
  3. Reservoir model
  4. Development technologies and Geomechanics 
  5. Geological models and Methods for Estimating Resources and Reserves