Oil, Gas & Mines Africa Conference

9 - 11 May
Nairobi, Kenya
Call for papers
About Nairobi, Kenya

Nairobi, Kenya is at 1.2921° S, 36.8219° E, 1680 m (5,500 ft)

Local Time

GMT + 3


Kenya's monetary unit is the Kenyan shillings (KES)

EAGE recommends the following webpage for the local Exchange Rate.


Although Nairobi is situated in the middle of East Africa, its high altitude—about a mile above sea level—means that the city's climate is mild year-round. Visitors are spared the extreme, blistering temperatures found in other regions of Africa, or even other areas within Kenya. Summer months in Nairobi are December through March, when average highs are 25°C (70°F) and lows are around 14°C (50°F). 


The electrical voltage in Kenya is 220V-240V. Primary Socket Type: British BS-1363. A rectangular 3-square pin UK plug adapter is required to use electrical appliances 


Apart from English and Swahili, Kenya's two official languages, each of the country's 42 ethnic groups also has its own unique dialect.

Kenya's ethnic languages are spoken mostly in rural settings and in homes where all members belong to the same ethnic group. The most dominant of the indigenous languages are Kikuyu, Dholuo and Luhya.

Health Advice

EAGE recommends you refer to the health advice on the IAMAT webpage before travelling to Kenya.