Oil, Gas & Mines Africa Conference

9 - 11 May
Nairobi, Kenya
Call for papers

Sponsoring Opportunities

With an array of unique promotional opportunities, we can help you design the perfect programme to enhance your company's experience at the Oil, Gas & Mines Africa Exhibition & Conference. The Main Sponsor Programme exposes attendees and businesses to your company and promotes your presence within the industry. The sponsor programme includes a variety of sponsorship opportunities.


Why become a sponsor

When you're a corporate sponsor of the Oil, Gas & Mines Africa Exhibition & Conference, you get high visibility in a qualitative and uncluttered environment that makes your message stand out.

EAGE is synonymous with qualitative, with proven track records in the past. The event programme offers a divers menu that's sure to help you reach your target audience.


Sponsoring the Oil, Gas & Mines Africa Exhibition & Conference will enable you to:

  • Increase your visibility before a national, regional and International audience.

  • Enhance your corporate image.

  • Reach an influential, exclusive audience.

  • Break through the media clutter.

  • Associate your company with EAGE - Worlds truly multi-disciplinary Geosciences society


We would be delighted to explore ideas to fit your budget. For more information or questions, please send an email to sponsoring@eage.org.