79th EAGE Conference & Exhibition 2017

Energy, Technology, Sustainability - Time to open a new Chapter

12 - 15 June
Paris, France
Call for papers

Conference Highlights

Monday 12 June 2017

Opening session   Room A2
16:00 - 17:30 hrs   
Speakers: Mr. Chris Ward (President EAGE) 
  Mrs. Janeen Judah (President SPE) 
  Kevin McLachlan (Chairman LAC Paris 2017) 



Debate Panel   Room A2
Topic: Impact on Energy mix following COP 21   
Gerard Moutet (Oil and Gas Climate Iniative) 
Ladislas Paszkiewicz   (SVP  Strategy & Climate, Total EP) 
Chris Ward   (President EAGE) 
Lazslo Varro   (Chief Economist) 


Awards ceremony

17:30 - 18:00 hrs Room A2

The awards ceremony will be hosted by:

Chris Ward Jean Jacques

Chris Ward Jean-Jaques Biteau
EAGE President 2016-2017 EAGE President 2017-2018

Icebreaker reception

18:00 - 20:00 hrs The Icebreaker reception is an excellent way to kick of the first day of the conference. Use this time to meet acquaintances, exhibitors and students while enjoying some food and beverages. More information about this Icebreaker reception will come in due time.


Tuesday 13 June 2017

EAGE Forum on 'New Collaboration Models within the Exploration Domain'

08:30 - 11:30 hrs. Room A2

In the overall context of the title of the conference 'Energy, Technology, Sustainability - Time to open a new Chapter' the Forum will debate on new collaboration models within exploration. The discussion will focus on key outcomes covering safety, performance improvement including cost reduction and performance to reach reliable energy for the long run that could be new way of working, impact of new technologies and promotion of the pioneer spirit.

Forum moderator 
Kevin McLachlan (Chairman LAC Paris, Total)


 Forum Members  
Luca Bertelli (Chief Exploration Officer, Eni) 
Ashok Belani   (EVP Technology, Schlumberger) 
Jean-Georges Malcor   (CEO CGG) 
Howard Leach   (Head of Exploration, BP) 
Erik Oswald (Exploration VP Americas, Exxonmobil) 



 Are you prepared for your transition to the labor market? The transition from a student to a young professional.

10:00 - 10:30 hrs, pavilion EAGE

At this panel, you can be inspired by people who manage the transition from student to young professional, how to prepare yourself for a job fair or PhD application? Back to School? Building on your experiences as a junior or a senior O&G and university teaching, how you start looking for the present options, internships or jobs and PhD applications. Learning about the transition from student to the labor market can be the difference between a job fair and to continue in the recruiting cycle.

Panel Speakers   
Matteo Ravasi  (Senior research Geophysicist, Statoil) 
Gehrig Schultz  (CEO and Founder of Surus Geophysical) 
 Prof Jonathan Redfern  ( Chair of Petroleum Geoscience, The University of Manchester, UK)

How to explore your career path? Talk face to face with universities representatives from all over the world 

11:15 - 12:00 hrs Pavilion EAGE

A key consideration is the transition between being a student and then obtaining and holding down a job needs preparation. You can benefit from discussion with university representatives from AGH University of Science and Technology, Poland; Istanbul Technical University, Turkey; Heriot Watt University, UK; King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Saudi Arabia; Kyoto University, Japan.

Panel Speakers   
Prof. Colin MacBeth (Professor of Reservoir Geophysics , Heriot-Watt University)
Dr. John D. Humphrey  (Associate Professor of Geosciences, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals) 
Dr. Andrzej Pasternacki  (Researcher/Teacher assistant AGH University of Science and Technology)
Dr. Ayse Kaslilar Sisman  (Professor at Istanbul Technical University)
Dr. Hitoshi Mikada  (Professor at Kyoto University) 

Inspirational speech, You are Your Future!
Let's meet a senior professional and get inspired by John L.J. Duhault, Starbird Enterprises

14:00 - 14:30 hrs Pavilion EAGE

Welcome to the best years of your life. Everything is new, everything is changing, it is a wonderful time to be alive and learning! The oil and gas business is once again starting to come out of one of it’s commodity cycle lows. Technology is improving everything we do. What is your next move?

You are your future!

How well you succeed will depend on how well you have prepared yourself, what your philosophy of life is, and what your personal priorities are. 
What kind of person are you really? Honestly? What would your classmates or family members say about you? Are you a leader or follower? Techie, entrepreneur, big company player 
Join us in this interactive presentation will we will open your eyes, enlighten your thoughts and get your hearts pumping to the intangible things they didn’t tell you at “Uni”.


Session for Professional Women in Geoscience and Engineering

16:00 - 18:00 hrs, Hall 2.3

Paris 2017 will once again offer a special session for Professional Women in Geoscience and Engineering. The session will feature an inspiring speaker providing a good mix of career/personal life management and technical work, followed by a pane discussion. There will be an opportunity for informal networking at the end of the session.

 Keynote Speaker  
Valerie Vedrenne (Geosciences and Reservoir Training and Technical Image Manager at Total) 


Caroline le Turdu  (Marketing Manager, Principal Geoscientist at Schlumberger - Chair WGE committee) 
Roald van Borselen  (Center Director at Aramco Overseas Company Netherlands - EAGE Membership and Co-opereation Officer) 
Milena Marjanovic  (Marine Geophysicicst, Postdoc at IPGP Paris, WGE Committee member) 
Ingrid Paolo Tello Guerrero  (Core Analyst at ALS Oil & Gas) 
Veronica Omofoma  (PhD Researcher at Heriot-Watt University) 

Although tailored for our female EAGE community, we encourage all delegates to join. 

Student evening

19:00 - 00:00 hrs This social highlight of the student programme will provide an ideal opportunity to mingle with fellow students as well as senior industry professionals, enjoy great food and drinks, music, dancing and a lot of fun!


Wednesday 14 June 2017

Executive session on 'Sharing Knowledge in Exploration'

08:30 - 12:10 hrs Room A2

Kristin Wood  VP Exploration Excellence, Shell 
Jean-Christophe Navarre  VP Exploration Excellence, Total 


Gary Ingram Vice President Technology & Strategy, OMV 
Joseba Murillas  Executive Director Global Exploration, Repsol 
Tim Dodson  Executive Vice President Global Exploration, Statoil 
Rémi Eschard  Head of Petroleum Basin Evaluation, Total 
Dirk Smit  VP Exploration Tech & Chief Scientist Geophysics, Shell 

How to share, when to share, what to share: in our company, between companies, with contractors and with academics and association. What are others doing? The session will cover how the industry is working to share knowledge in exploration: the current challenges and possible improvements. Includes technological/innovative approaches, human resources aspects (skills, compentencies, motivations and organization) and what we can learn from other industries and areas of research.

Session for Young Professionals

15:00 - 17:00 hrs, Hall 2.3
Following last year's success, delegates under the age of 35 years are once again invited to a special session focusing on Young Professionals. The session will feature inspiring speakers with broad experience in industry and academia, it will focus on you how to build and explore your leadership, teamwork, networking and communication skills.


Panel speakers:   
Ivan Vasconcelos  (Assistant Professor at Utrecht University, previously Principal Research Scientist at Schlumberger) 
Evert Slob  (Professor at TU Delft, Director of Education Civil Engineering & Geosciences) 
Anna Shaughnessy  (Executive Director at Earth Resources Laboratory, MIT Boston) 
François Umbhauer  (Direction Exploration at Total, Relationships with Universities and Schools, Geoscience disciplines) 


Although tailored for our Young Professionals EAGE community, we encourage all delegates to join.

The good, bad and ugly of the recruitment process.

15:15 - 15:40 hrs Pavilion EAGE

Do you know your skills and competencies? How to be prepared for the recruiting procedure. Let's talk about skills gained during your academy studies, transferable skills, strengths and personality. Preparing a CV, your interview and negotiate your job proposal. Job Searching strategies: analyzing vacancies, CV, cover letter, social media, recruitment agencies.   All these topics will be discussed by Deidre O’Donell. Deidre O'Donnell is the Managing Director at Working Smart Limited, UK. 


The Career Advice Center will offer plenty activities at 10:00 -12:00 /16:00- 17:00 hrs Pavilion EAGE.

You are  welcome to take advantage of our programme:

  • Receive  valuable CV feedback.
  • Take a trial interview.
  • Get your professional photograph( all the pictures taken can be downloaded here)
  • Get your personality test.

Conference evening

19:00 - 23:00 hrs
For all registered full delegates and registered family members we will organize a conference evening.

Thursday 15 June 2017

Executive session on 'Opening a New chapter in North Sea, what does that mean'

08:30 - 12:10 hrs. Room A2

Nick Richardson Exploration & New Ventures Manager, UK Oil & Gas Authority


Troels Albrechtsen Vice President Technology & Projects, Maersk 
Dave Lynch  Vice President Reservoir Development North Sea, BP 
Max Brouwer  Vice President Exploration Europe, Russia & CIS, Shell 
Karin Hoeing  Marketing Manager Reservoir Characterization group, Schlumberger
Isabelle Billat  Vice President Exploration EAC, Total 
Gro Gunleiksrud Haatvedt  SVP Exploration, Aker BP 

The current oil price environment and the maturity of the North Sea present challenges to its future but also opportunities. The Forum will debate what is needed for the next chapter of the basin to be successful. The discussion will address key topics including safety, exploration, operational efficiency, collaboration, technology, commercial solutions, infractructure and decommissioning. What action is required by all the players in the basin to maximise the value of the economically recoverable hydrocarbons in the North Sea.

How to set up your own business

10:15 - 11:00 hrs Pavilion EAGE

This speech will be presented by Deidre O’Donnell and she will talk about how to establish yourself in business - looking at legal entities, marketing/branding, accounting, collaboration, terms and condition.


Meet a senior professional and get inspired by an unique story

12:15 - 12:45 hrs Pavilion EAGE

One highlight is expected to be the motivational speech by Anna Shaughnessy who is executive director of the Earth Resources Laboratory at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA.
Shaughnessy’s career has spanned three continents, with leadership roles at Mobil, Saudi Aramco, Texaco and Kerr-McGee. She now works in the academic sector, in her current role as Executive Director of MIT’s Earth Resources Laboratory (ERL). With a documented capacity to lead groups towards the achievement of goals, Shaughnessy has excelled at establishing successful liaisons with many nationalities and organizations. She has had a rich multicultural work experience in the US, Saudi Arabia and Norway during her industry career. She is now working with a number of international research groups through her work at MIT.

Let's talk about a start up (EarthQuick).

12:50 - 13:15 hrs Pavilion EAGE

Ludovic Peignard is an experienced with start-up management, will present his story and he is an associate professor in IFP School for Geophysics and Data Management MSc’s.