Fifth CO2 Geological Storage Workshop

21 - 23 November
Utrecht, Netherlands
Call for papers

About the workshop

To meet the Paris Agreement’s ambition on tackling climate change, large scale implementation of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is considered essential. For successful realisation of CCS, it is vital to build confidence that injected CO2 is permanently and safely retained in the sub-surface and that CO2 storage can be deployed at the required scale. This has been investigated in several research initiatives during the last decade and the objective of this workshop is to present key advances made, discuss remaining technology gaps and review a way forward.   

The workshop will address state-of-the-art insights on overall integrity of CO2 storage including sub-surface formation characterization, wells & infrastructure integrity, storage capacity & pressure management, monitoring & remediation, and CO2 EOR. Non-technical topics such as risk communication, social & regulatory issues, and resource required to meet the challenges to safely implement large scale CCS will also be covered.

The workshop will explore the need to increase communica­tion, share gained experience and knowledge as well as lessons learned from various field and demonstration projects world­wide. Furthermore, it will address the need to develop interna­tional scientific workforces in order to tackle specific challenges, as well as methods and tools that can demonstrate a safe and environmentally sound future for CO2 storage developments.