Second EAGE Workshop Practical Reservoir Monitoring 2019

1 - 4 April
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Call for papers

Workshop Overview

The oil and gas industry is currently in a low price regime, which is possibly the new “normal” for the foreseeable future. In this environment development projects, requiring large capital outlays and with lead-times as long as decades, look increasingly unattractive. Reservoir Monitoring offers the possibility of improving production profiles of existing fields and yielding returns in months and years.

The aim of this workshop is to investigate how reservoir monitoring processes - utilising geophysical, geomechanical and reservoir engineering data - can be practically optimised in order to realise the full recovery potential of any oil and gas field, with the emphasis on practical applications of integrated studies incorporating use of reservoir monitoring data by reservoir engineers, production engineers and others. The benefits of different approaches to incorporate geophysical and engineering data for reservoir monitoring purposes will be investigated through case studies and discussion.

A global perspective highlighting the use of reservoir monitoring in different geographical and geological settings will be encouraged; highlighting that reservoir monitoring is now actively used beyond the “traditional” heartlands represented by its early uptake in North Sea sandstone reservoirs.  Finally the progress of Permanent Reservoir Monitoring, the theme of previous workshops, and the value it generates will be explored, as will new ideas and future trends for 4D techniques and applications. 


Programme at a glance

Monday - Icebreaker Reception

Tuesday - Technical Programme

Wednesday - Technical Programme and Workshop Dinner

Thursday - Technical Programme and Closing Ceremony