Student Lecture Tour by Dr. Patrick Connolly in Chęciny, Poland

Probabilistic Seismic Inversion

26 - 26 April
Chęciny, Poland
Call for papers

Probabilistic Seismic Inversion by Dr Patrick Connolly

 Seismic Probabilistic seismic methods, based on a Bayesian framework, for the estimation of reservoir properties are beginning to be used by the industry. As uptake increases there is much to learn. How should we pre-condition the seismic data? How can we quantify all the uncertainties? What precisely are we able to estimate? How can we best represent the posterior uncertainties? How can we make the most use of the products in an extended workflow, for example for reservoir modelling?

I will explain the basis of probabilistic seismic inversion for reservoir properties, show examples and address some of the questions being posed.