Training and Development - Human Resources

Attracting, Developing & Retaining Top Technical People



  Prof. Peter Lloyd (Honorary Professor, France)


  1 day


  Training and Development – Human Resources






  5 CPD points




Course description

The face of the industry has changed radically over the last 15 years with National Resource Holders increasingly replacing the once familiar “western style” major oil companies. In parallel we have embarked upon the “big crew change” with respect to staffing requirements as these national oil companies grow both at home but also compete internationally.

The “expat” population that staffed those traditional western style companies is a dwindling resource due to the age demographic and cuts in headcount and research funding. And the industry has seen a strong transition towards the service companies for research and development. These service companies are expanding their technical and field management portfolios and looking for strong “nationals”, rather than expats, as their staff base.

It takes 10 years to educate and train entry level university students in the geoscience and engineering disciplines so they can effectively contribute to their companies with minimum supervision, so emphasis must be put on providing a pool of sound new recruits to be available to the industry, and the national resource holders and service companies are a big part of this equation. A further challenge is how to build and maintain skills once professionals have entered the industry.

This workshop considers how the upstream oil and gas business can make itself attractive to top level young geoscience and engineering undergraduates. It will consider the education they can be given in universities so they are most effective upon graduation, and at how to develop and retain them through their careers.


Course objectives

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to lay out a strategic plan to recruit and develop top graduates and plan their training programmes.


Course outline

  • Energy Needs & Industry Demographics
  • Recruiting Trends in the Industry
  • Developing Strong M.Sc. Programs
  • Preparing Graduates for Industry
  • Training & Development through a Career
  • Skills Assessments & Training Plans
  • Retention Issues
  • Importance of Professional Societies


Participants' profile

The course is designed for Human Resources teams tasked with recruiting and developing staff for their technical departments.


About the instructor

Prof. Peter Lloyd

Peter Lloyd received his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Natural Sciences, Geology, from the University of Cambridge, England. He has since enjoyed a 38 year international career with BP, Deminex, and Schlumberger where he worked in a series of technical, marketing and business management positions in exploration and production geology, as well as research and engineering. Peter has lived and worked in Europe, the United States, Latin America and both the Middle and Far East, and also lectures in Africa and the Former Soviet Union. He was Business manager of Schlumberger's NExT initiative for both the Middle and Far East and has been an Adjunct Professor at the University of Texas, a Visiting Professor at Brunei University and an Honorary Professor at Heriot Watt University. He also lectures for Shell's Open University program.

Peter has presented more than 30 technical papers and given over 125 industry schools to young professionals. He has served as a Distinguished Lecturer for the Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts (SPWLA) and for the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE) on the topic of education and training, and has been a panel member and co-chair of various Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) education and training initiatives. He is a co-author of Schlumberger's competency assessment program. Peter has served on the Board of the SPWLA as Regional Director for the Far East and as President of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) Asia/Pacific Region. He was elected Vice President of the AAPG in 2002. He has received an SPWLA Award of Appreciation and an AAPG Distinguished Service Award. In 2008 he received Honorary Membership of the AAPG.


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